Is Your Home Air Tight?

Find Out with A Blower Door Test in Bloomington, Rochester and Greater MN Area

If you are looking to save energy costs at your commercial property or home you need an energy auditor from Kings Crown Insulation, LLC. We will walk you through each step of the process to insure you are informed of what is being done while testing the integrity of your home. There are numerous reasons for getting a blower door test. Some, including, Energy Efficiency Certification and many different Green Building Codes (LEED, IECC & ASHRAE) require that a building is below a certain leakage percentage. With Blower Door Tests and the experts at Kings Crown Insulation will insure those metrics are properly tested and you gain the benefit of that certification! Do not worry if you are living in Bloomington or surrounding areas we will insure your are covered!

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What is A Blower Door Test?

Blower Door Tests are performed by inserting a fan on the front door of a building that fits with an airtight sea. All external doors and windows are closed and all interior doors are opened. Additionally, exhaust fans in kitchen and bathrooms must be off and fireplace dampers must be closed. The fan is then used to pull the air out of the building (or occasionally into the building). The more enclosed the building, the less air will be needed to cause the pressure to drop in the building. This information can be used to give a overall area of leakage, or combined with other methods like infrared testing to determine the amount of leakage on specific wall, window, or HVAC vent.